Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When Summer Ends, Yet Isn't Over

Tomorrow is Joey's last day at his school program. The rest of ESY for him will be two weeks of OT in two weeks. It's been a wild month. Joey's been a real roller-coaster, with a lot of anxiety, a lot more stimming and acting out, and not a lot of talking about his day at school. None of these are good signs. Since these new folks don't know what Joey can do, I am very concerned that they think this has gone well because he has been "managed" and gotten through the program. From what I see here, we have a huge problem, and it is not likely to get better before the fall.

On another front, Andy's last T-Ball game was (finally) today. He wants me to sign him up for soccer in the fall. I think I will only put my money down if they can tell me who the coaches are. I don't really care who they are, as long as I am not one of them. I didn't know anything about T-Ball, and I doubt any of my players will be interested in playing this coming spring. I know even less about soccer.

So here we are, at the end of summer, and yet we still have five weeks before school gets going. Well, until the boys' school gets going. Mine starts Aug 19, provided I can get my classes back into the system!

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Stimey said...

Yeah, Jack has two more days of summer school, yet somehow there are 32 days until he goes back to actual school. It's gonna be loooong.