Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday! GAH!

So of course we're running behind, while I am having major cramps. I didn't go to the grocery yesterday because I had enough stuff to get us through one more day... but I came down o the kitchen to find the cats out of food and the bread had molded. As I raced around putting peanut butter crackers together, Joey's bus arrived... five minutes early. So this morning, we learned the value of five minutes.

Then Andy decided he wanted to stay home today, because none of his friends are in his class and he hates school and he wants to play outside with Mommy all day. I put him on the bus in tears.

The good news is that I should have some excellent photos next week- Friday is Fair Day! Yay, St. Mary's County Fair! Provided none of us are sick...


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kristi said...

Gah..sounds like a crazy morning. I hate it when TC cries and I have to take him to school anyway. Hope it gets better!