Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Because we should always appreciate our small, furry friends.

*There are 365 species of squirrel. Maybe we should start a "Squirrel Species Appreciation Day" with a new species every day. It would make an awesome desk calendar.

*Once a female squirrel breeds with a male, she never breeds again with that male.

*Squirrels do not leave their nests at night.

*Squirrels sharpen their teeth by chewing on sticks.

*Squirrels laugh. They also use chirping sounds to indicate a wide range of emotion and alarm signals, in conjunction with tail movements. If a squirrel is chirping very fast and flicking their tail, it is laughing at you.

*When a squirrel finds a nut, they open it with their teeth, then rub it on their face. This applies a scent so they can find it later- even under a foot of snow.

*When a squirrel's nest becomes infested with fleas or other parasites, it will abandon it and build a new one.

*A squirrel's incisors grow 6 inches per year.

*Squirrels prefer to build their nursery nests in oak trees.

*The average life span for a wild squirrel is 3-5 years.

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