Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Andy Sees

So we had our meeting with the vision folks. My best summation of our discoveries is, holy crap, no wonder he hates school. They keep telling him to do stuff he can't see!

To give you an approximation, from the experience I was presented at our meeting, I have created the image below. Now, this is a still image. Andy's eyes move, just as your probably do, as he tries to focus and re-focus. So on top of this shattered and doubling effect, image the image is constantly moving, slightly at the outside, downright swirmy-wormy in the center, and you'll get just a glimpse at how Andy sees his schoolwork, or that page you are trying to force him to read.

Got a headache? He gets them, a lot. And now we are very, very sure why. Vision therapy, here we come.


Miz Kizzle said...

Never mind the wonky image, the story about the peacock who loves to flirt his tail (shouldn't that be flaunt?) gives me a headache.
Vision problems often go uncorrected in children, especially when they're the kind that aren't detected by standard eye tests. You are on the ball to figure out Andy's problem.

Joeymom said...

Andy wrote the story. I just typed it.