Monday, April 30, 2012

A Month Comes to an End

Looking back through my April blogs, you might notice something distinctly different this year: not a whole lot of autism awareness pots this month. In fact, it appears blogging has taken a serious back seat in life here. Blogging requires things like time and energy. This spring is being a bit of a roller-coaster, leaving me short on both. I am looking forward desperately to next week, when I will have all my classes graded and closed out, no soccer practice, and just a few more minutes on Tuesday or Thursday (probably not both) to do stuff like... clean. Or read. Or maybe even blog.

Andy's vision therapy is going fine; and while she's at it, the therapist is also working on his manners and some of his ADHD issues, fine motor issues, and bilateral coordination. Unfortunately, he also decided to hit a growth spurt, so Total Dysregulation is upon us- he is very brittle. He runs out of energy reserve super-fast, so we have to keep on top of feeding him. Add the constant motion, and we are in meltdown city.

On the other hand, Joey has been caught sneaking snacks again, so I have returned to the apples and sugar-free popsicles plan- ie, those are the snacks in the house. Everything else is Verboten. I have been trying to encourage scooters and other outdoors play, but glitches in the day means there is a lot of Mario Brothers being played to calm... and revv. It's a delicate balance.

Yep, I have one that needs to sit down and eat, and the other needs to get up and not eat. Great.

At any rate, Autism Awareness Month is now at its close. Most of the folks I know will also turn to their next interesting Awareness project, and leave autism aside for another year- if, indeed, they bothered to pick it up in the first place. I keep turning around to find such a lack of understanding, it stings to have it so close; turn again, and there is a sense of wanting to know; and another corner, and I find some folks who get it, and others who never will. You just never know who will be around those corners. I am sometimes surprised. And shocked. And surprised.

As the calendar turns, please don't forget us. Don't forget Joey. It is important for everyone to not just be aware for a day, or a month, but to really think about their lives and how they are living them. Awareness isn't just about putting a blue light bulb outside or a ribbon on your car. It is about understanding what it really means to treat others as you would want to be treated- all the time, every day, every moment. If we all just learned to do that, all the world would be a better place to grow and be free.

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