Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Begins!

Yes, indeed, Pool Days are here! I love pool days, where I can at least spend my time in a chair with an audiobook as I watch the boys splash. I am very fond of audiobooks. 

Joey takes a plunge

We have jumped right in with both feet, heading to the pool after lunch for cooling off and getting a lot of exercise and sensory input. Both the boys love water. I just wish they loved swim lessons. 

Splashing in the pool. 

They have provided themselves with all the essentials: water guns, splash toys, and balls. 

Oh, and goggles. Can't forget the goggles. 

Andy usually finds a few friends to play water guns and ball games, and today he even had a game going that included jumping off the diving board. Joey has been pretending he is Mario, going through water levels. And if that last sentence was Greek to you, count yourself fortunate. 

Andy enjoying the COLD water. 

Unlike our first summer at the pool, we are handling the crowds and the noise and the overload very well. I am, of course, positioning myself just in case, and arriving prepared to act- just in case. Hence, not a lot of swimming for me, and I plan on purchasing a few new audiobooks. I'm thinking of picking up a Dickens, and maybe a fluffy romance, a la Jane Austen. I haven't read Northanger Abbey in ages. 

Andy jumps in!

You know, there is still nothing quite as heart-stopping as watching your child jump off a diving board. 

Just saying. 

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Here's to a happy summer, everybody! Now we just need school to get out... 


little.birdy said...

So, I just had a brain flash. Mario uses mushrooms for power ups. They are green and red, as I am sure you know. With some small circles of white cheese to simulate the dots on the mushrooms, you could make raw broccoli look a lot like the green power-up mushroom. You could set the brocolli crown on a small piece of string cheese to be the mushroom stem. Also, you could also cut a red apple in half and carve out small circles of the peel to be the white dots to make the red power up mushroom. Healthy Mario snacks!

kristi said... me some Mario. TC loves to swim as well.

Cathy said...

“You know, there’s still nothing quite as heart-stopping as watching your child jump off a diving board.” – Aw, I completely agree… You can see your child is enjoying himself! There’s nothing even better than seeing and knowing that your child loves what he’s doing. Parents should pay attention to them while at the pool. Safety is still the number one priority.
Cathy Newman

Shona Martinez said...

Maybe you should try to record a unique audio book where your kids are the main characters, hehe. I mean, you can record how much fun they have while swimming and jumping in the pool! That would be the best audio book you’ll ever hear. Seeing and hearing them happy would really make your everyday the best!
Shona Martinez