Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uh oh.

So I went up to clean the boys' bathroom. It is not a job I relish, that is for sure. They need a fan in there, and I screwed up painting their washcabinet. The walls are textured, because the idiots who lived in the house before us thought that was stylish.

I am about to take a sander to them. Not because I'm ready to, but because I have to. You can't clean texture. Especially texture that has been smeared on.

I know I haven't been in there for two weeks, which is bad of me. I rely over-much on bleach tankcakes, lysol spray, and the fact that the floor is mopped daily after baths by necessity. So I am partly to blame for the disaster. But seriously? I thought we had left smearing in the dusts of fears.

What it tells me is that Joey is having trouble getting clean properly. Downstairs, I have trouble with each of them using a whole roll of paper every time they use the toilet. With the sink so close at hand upstairs, I was assuming they had the sense to wash their hands instead of wiping them on the wall. I was so, so wrong.

The question now becomes, why is he having this problem? And what can we do to fix it, and fast? For one, how uncomfy to not get the job done, then have to go out in summer heat. Poor buddy. For two, what has happened to decrease his abilities? How can that be addressed? And third, the social stigma would be incredible if we can't move fast.

My current thoughts are to return to wipes- you can get kid wipes that are even flushable, and may help get him cleaner than paper in the first place. Second, you can wipe the wall clean with them fast. And its one of those things that, if he spends the rest of his life using wipes- well, so what?


farmwifetwo said...

LOVE flushable wipes!!!!

Still have one using them and as you said... who cares. Clean is what matters.

Danni said...

There are adult versions of the flushable wipes (normally called moist toilet wipes or similar) and they make cleaning up much easier.

I use them now and I'm 26 :P