Friday, May 24, 2013

On Sixteen Years

I've been married 16 years today.

I've learned some things in 16 years.

Split the load. One cooks, the other cleans. One does the laundry, the other scrubs the bathroom. One picks up, the other dusts and vacuums. One deals with this meltdown, the other deals with the other one happening at the exact same moment.
Warm up your toes before bedtime.
Dream about winning the lottery- together.
You never really run out of things to say. You just sometimes run out of energy for using words to say them. And that can be OK, as long as you communicate.
Coming home to find one of your chores done for you is awesome. Do it for the other person once in a while, too.
The person who works all day is not the person who should be planning dinner.
Headphones are your friend.
If it bothers you that it isn't being done, do it. If it hasn't been getting done, it's not bothering the other person.
Never miss an opportunity to smooch.
Let the other person do the stuff they do best. You don't have to do everything.
Cats make good chaperones.
If you take good care of each other, you are both well cared-for.
Cellphones with texting rock. Being able to text something to the spouse when you think of it in the middle of the day is awesome.
It's OK to let the other one move the furniture around.
The best present is time.
If it's about the in-laws, leave it to the spouse. Support the spouse in their position, no matter what it is.
Blog about their awesomeness.

Happy Anniversary, JoeyAndyDad. You rock.

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Bright Side of Life said...

Happy Anniversary. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.