Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Welcome back friends, followers, family, and fun-loving fantastics! Yes, I'm back, I have about five posts I could write right this second, and I may even get some time together to write some of them. Several are very serious posts that will probably piss some folks off, but in the light of some of those very same posts, I think I won't go there today.

You see, its a snow day here in our corner of the interwebs. I have boys home to squish and make snow cream and watch movies and eat popcorn. The making of popcorn is one of our great achievements since I saw you all last. Joey and Andy can both now handle the air popper and melting the butter in the microwave. Next step: cleaning said microwave. But hey, they have their own warm snacks. One giant leap at a time, right? We won't mention the popcorn that is now spread from one end of the house to the other, either. No, no we won't.

Watching a movie with Joey is both super fun and super annoying. For one, when we watch a movie he likes, he gets all happy and bouncy, but likes nothing better than to have me lay on the couch and then lay on top of me. Thorough Mom Squishing. He'll even kick back with his kindle, watching the movie and playing his Zones of Regulation app. Then he spends the entire movie providing interpretative and descriptive commentary. You will discover which zone each character is experiencing at any given moment, motivations for their current behavior and actions, stages of their developing relationships, and even interesting details about future events. Yes, I said it was partly super annoying. At the same time, listening to him understand the narrative, understand the characters, and have those words come together and out his mouth?

Gimme the couch. And let's put on Monsters, Inc for the 5467th time. I'm totally game.

So we can be serious tomorrow. Or Thursday. Whenever I get some time to write next. Today? Today I am going to play round-robin with the movies (yes, we are in Monsters, Inc now... Andy will want Pokemon next... and then I get to indulge my current perseverative obsession with the Rockettes 75th Anniversary Christmas Special). We're going to eat popcorn and drink hot cocoa. I am going to enjoy my babies, treasure every word, every giggle, and even every moment of Andy running through the house destroying zombies, and Joey pretending to be one (I'll tell more about that later).

They aren't little long.


Stimey said...

Welcome back! Enjoy the smooshes.

kristi said...

I am currently not working and having difficulty finding work. So I try to keep TC entertained cheaply...some days it is not easy! We watch a lot of movies. His fave is Despicable Me.