Sunday, April 27, 2014

Walking: Autism Society Acceptance Walk

All of us at Joey's Stage Door Stars art show last year.
Today is the day! 

There had been hullabaloo about where to put your money to show support for autistic people and families, where the money goes to help people with autism. What can we do to increase support services, access to therapies, get people help they need. Well, here it is.

The Autism Society's Intervention Assistance Fund provides mini-grants directly to families, so they can access the supports and therapies they need to help autistic people grow and become the independent, happy people they can be. This isn't just for kids, either: these people provide adult services, and make adult services available and affordable.

In case you miss it from their website:

Intervention Assistance Fund Mini-grants

ASNV’s Intervention Assistance Fund awards quarterly mini-grants to eligible adults with autism and families of those on the spectrum to help defray costs of therapies, medical procedures, training and other treatments. Click here to find eligibility requirements and application instructions.  ASNV has a designated subcommittee that evaluates the applications and administers the program.  You can donate directly to the Intervention Assistance Fund and 100% of your donation goes to support local families.
Your donation goes to the fund, which then goes to the families and autistic adults who need support and services.They help cover families who otherwise can't get traditional services such as OT and speech therapies, but also help with "uncovered" services such as adult support, equine therapy, art therapy, safety equipment, behavioral therapies, assistive technology, summer camps, respite care, psychological evaluations, and even training workshops. THESE PEOPLE HELP.

The Fredricksburg Walk raised $22,000 for the fund last year. Our team goal is a modest $500, but we know every dollar is a huge help to access therapies, training, and supports that directly help people with autism, and that would otherwise be beyond the reach of adults and families.

Our Team Site has a donation button. When you donate, you can become a "virtual walker" and member of Team Joey! If you prefer a straight donation, just put in your amount, and then scroll to the bottom for the checkout button.

Thank you for your support as we all walk today to make a better world for families in Northern Virginia!

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