Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Long Day

So the boy starts to stir about quarter to seven this morning, with a moan and sob, and "My ears hurt!" Just a few direct questions makes it clear- he really did just tell us not only that he is in pain, but that his ears are the specific, actual problem. Holy cow, my son can communicate with me!!!

So I pack up two little boys and head off to the Medic One, a walk-in clinic we tend to use, especially for ear infections. And bingo, we have one. Fill the scrip, give him a dose, pick up grandma, and we're off to Kluge.

Charlottesville is lovely in the spring. 270 was planted for flowey effect, and the redbuds, dogwoods, and cherry trees are in full swing. Very pretty. When we go back next month for Andy, I hope the azaleas will still be in bloom.

Anyway, nothing too new and exciting. Dr. Blackman is still nice, supportive, and very interested in Joey's progress. He wants us to work on social skills. The OT wants us to try brushing. The PT wants him able to climb into a sling-swing. The SLP says he's progressed in receptive language a full standard of deviation, so now he's just breaking into two standards of deviation, instead of being a full 3 standards of deviation behind. So he's made up some ground. We didn't test expressive, but he's about to get a full eval from our private OT anyway. We were just testing the waters. Why, I don't know. I keep calling them saying I want a full eval to get a sense of where he is, and when we get there, they're all just consult appointments. But at least I''l have some letters with "Kluge" in the letterhead saying he needs services. They'll promptly be ignored, but there you are.

We'll probably wait on teh brushing until summer. If I can't get this school OT to even give him gum, I can't see expecting her to do brushing in a supportive, appropriate way. After all, when it was mentioned before, she blew it off as "too difficult, too time-consuming." If it works, what's a little time?

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