Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Today, Joey is five years old! Happy Birthday, Buddha Buddy!

So he got up this morning, and started rummaging through the clean clothes (which tend to sit in the hall with the washer and dryer, rather than being folded and put away in a timely manner). When I asked him what he needed, he said "Red one! I want a red shirt!"

Allow me to stop and pick up my teeth from the floor. He responded to me... in a sentence... expressing a preference. My Joey! What a great birthday present!!!

After a good deal of rummaging, we did finally find a red shirt. I was surprised he didn't have several, usually we have a variety of long-sleeve t-shirts from teh Lands' End Overstocks, but apparently they are all size 6, and have been passed down to Andy, and got mostly replaced by blue and orange shirts (the red ones must not have been on sale). But I finally found one that fit him, and all was groovy. I got him dressed, and started on Andy, who wanted his favorite dinosaur shirt this morning.

Joey started down teh stairs.

Last night, I prepared for the Birthday Morning by setting up a playtent in teh livingroom, and arranging his presents. So as I am dressing Andy, Joey starts down the stairs, and sees teh tent, and says, "Oh! Nice surprise!"

I could have cried.

This burst of verbal-ness is actually something of a shock. It started when he was put on the oxygen during our Croup Crisis a couple weeks ago. He's been using sentences ever since. We know Joey does these burst-breakthroughs, but to have it coincide so perfectly with the oxygen and steroids (he was put on steroids for the croup) is just strange. It was so dramatic, I'm going to have him checked again for allergies, since this steroid helps stem allergic reactions.

Tomorrow is Kluge Day. I don't expect to learn much new, but just to document where we are. I'll keep everybody posted. :)

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Club 166 said...

Happy belated birthday, from one Joe to another.