Sunday, June 03, 2007

Invited to play

We have a new, wonderful game here- Playing Cars. Joey gets out the little road/runway thing that came with a Fisher Price airport, finds some of his cars, and then gives one to Mommy saying, "Come play cars, Mommy!"

Intiiating social interaction. Appropriate language, appropriate play. And he's figured out that if he does this, the world stops and Mommy gets onto the floor and plays cars, even if she was cooking or working or doing some other thing Joey prefers I didn't do. Andy grabs a car, and there are the three of us, crashing cars together, or racing them, or just driving them around and getting our arms all tangled.

Sometimes the cars even talk to each other. Joey stops his car in front of my car and says, " Hello car, I'm Joey!" and Joey the Car makes a new friend.

Now that, my friends, is a miracle.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Beautiful! Yay Joey and yay you! I had a hard time getting myself to make the kids go to bed tonight. They were playing with action figures together -- and I let them go on with it until past their bedtime because it was so wonderful and so huge.

VAB said...

That rocks!

mcewen said...

Brill and magic! Don't you just love being twisted round his little finger! Did you ever imagine that you would be 'this kind' of a parent!
Best wishes and twinkle, twinkle! [as in little stars]

Club 166 said...

Most excellent. Magical, indeed.