Monday, June 04, 2007

Slumber Party!!!

It is bedtime here. Usually that means time for a fun bubble bath. Joey likes spraying his own hair and shampoos his own head, and will even now brush his own teeth (we do this in the bathtub, because I introduced the new spinning toothbrushes there when I thought sure they would be a flop- but they are a hit, and now toothbrushing is part of a bath. As long as the teeth get brushed, what harm is there?). He usually complains that the water is too hot, but otherwise happily splashes away Joey loves water. The other one screams about any water touching his head, likes the head rub as mommy shampoos the head, then screams again for the rinse. He then does his best to drink as much bathwater as he can before being removed from teh tub to complain about being wet. Andy likes water, as long as he doesn't notice any on him. (Remember, Andy is supposed to be my NT one...)

We then get into pajamas with much help from mom (remember trying to put on pajamas while damp?) and have a story. We managed, barely, to get through Charlotte's Web chapter-by-chapter; usually we just do a picture book. Then a rousing rendition of our favorite bedtime songs, including Old MacDonald's Dinosaur Farm (how may dinosaurs can you name and provide a sound effect for?), and then we separate to our rooms for bed.

Unless we declare Slumber Party.

Slumber party is declared when Joey, who usually insists someone (meaning me) remain seated in the chair in his room until he falls asleep, dismisses said parental unit with a firm "Mommy go away now." Then I am stared down until I get up and leave. Joey then starts his CD player, and the fun begins!

First, Andy must be released from his room. Then there is a jolly time of squealing and flopping into bean-bag chairs and joyous jumping on beds. usualy a tickle-fight is included, a well as occasionally checking on the parental units in their room (to be sure they are still safely installed at their laptops.)

Sometimes we get surprise kisses, or a boy coming in to "scare" us, or other fun games.

When it gets dark, it is finally time to settle in and go to sleep- the slumber party is over.

Sometimes its fun to think you are getting away with something.


kristina said...

We also used to do "pillow fight" which was more an excuse to sneak in tickles, run around crazily, and collape hysterically......Charlie has long showered but he occasionally likes to stop up the drain and splash water over, well, the entire bathroom.

mcewen said...

they're the best!