Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sometimes We Let Him Sleep

Oh, dear. This morning, Joey woke up grumpy. Mommy woke up grumpy. Not good. Most of you can see what's coming.

I have been, as you may suspect from my absence, using every spare moment of any point of my day to read Harry Potter. That is now complete. I refuse to give anything away. However, this has also cut into that most valuable commodity, sleep. No sleep=grumpy mommy. Silly mommy, she needs to go to bed, but she's readignHary Poter instead. Silly,silly mommy. Sleep is a waste of time.

So naturally with me grumping about the house this morning, and Joey grumping about the house this morning, when the milk got spilled, all hell broke loose. Level 8. Just what mommy wanted this morning. Worse, he was still in the middle of it when the bus arrived. The bus aide actually came into the house and got him- the idea being that the bus is very calming for him, so we wanted to get him on it. But I felt really, really bad, because I'm sure he was picking up on my grumpiness, which was my own fault in teh first place, because I didn't go to bed, because I was reading...

Meanwhile, someone bit Andy. I took him to the gym, and then took him swimming, and there are nasty bite marks on his shoulder- too small to be Joey, but Joey doesn't bite anyway. So we made sure to reort that to the gym people, so they can be on the lookout for a biter. Andy didn't complain about it until the gym people started fussing over it. I didn't intervene on that point, because I want him to understand he needs to tell somebody if he's bitten.

So when the boy camehome from school, I scooped everybody up an took them to Arby's for lunch. Spiced, curly french fries were a far bigger hit than I expected them to be, and I got to have a reuben for lunch. ;)

I think everybody's feeling better now. The power of food...

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bigwhitehat said...

We have lost a bunch of sleep lately too. But it is because Tiger went 3 days without sleeping himself. But now we are all over it.

Bare Naked Ladies did a song called "Who Needs Sleep." Download it. It is worth it.