Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ask Before You Touch

There was a new mom at therapy today. Not new as in "new to autism"- new as in "baby is nine days old." Her older child was in therapy, but she had teh brand-new baby with her. Andy likes babies. Joey LOVES babies. And this was a teeny-tiny, brand-new baby with big eyes and headfuzz, and mom still very round and new-mom looking.

The boys were very good. They washed their hands, and only touched the baby on her head to feel the soft babyhair. They smiled and giggled and made faces at the baby, and didn't get in her face. Joey talked about the baby being little, the baby was awake, the baby was soft, and said he liked babies. He turned to Mom, and talked to her about the baby. Very nice social moment.

Then he reached out with one finger an proclaimed, "I want to touch the booby!" and gave her very round breast a stroke with his finger. Then he was off to another point of interest in the room, leaving me, the Mom, the office manager, and a couple other moms in a moment of speechless awe.

I must say, the Mom was an absolute sport about it, very gracefully not saying anything. The office manager just abotu died on the spot trying not to laugh. I initially thought he intended to say "baby" and only touched the Mom because he remember he wasn't supposed to touch the baby, but apparently everybody else thought it was quite clear.

I wonder where he's picked that up. He often likes to touch peole, especially on exposed lower arms, but I've never had him do this before. I've been trying to teach him to ask before touching someone, and I honestly think he was trying to do just that by making the announcement that split second before acting. Now we just need to go back to just arms, please. Thanks.


Niksmom said...

Oh my! Well, at least he got the name of it right! I'm not sure if I should laugh out loud or gasp in dismay for what you must have felt in the moment! Ah, I can't help it...I'm going with the laughter. It was innocent enough!

mcewen said...

One of mine adores babies and very small people too which is always a delight to watch.
As for touching, we dealt with that some years back when everyone was obsessed with dogs! [before they touched people] Now that was a skill that generalized quite smoothly!

Stimey said...

Oh. My. God. That is really just about the funniest thing I've heard all week.