Saturday, August 11, 2007

Going to the restaurant

Joey was just a little talking bug today- jabber, jabber, jabber. Gotta love it. He ate three slices of pizza for Daddy. PIZZA. You know, with tomato sauce and cheese and bread and sausage, all together, mixed up and layered to be bitten through, not picked apart. PIZZA. Joey. I am still on the floor in search of my teeth.

I was working over at Mom's today, so I got this news via phone with husband, rather than witnessing the event myself. Our van is on the fritz, so mom had to shuttle me around today, so we took Joey to church for music. He sat there and listened like any sweet little darling, curled up on the pew next to Grandma. He tried to sing the songs today and everything.

He was doing so well, that when we returned home to find Andy had fallen asleep, we decided to just take Joey out to eat.

He was SO excited. He just learned the sign for "restaurant" so he was showing it off gleefully, while informing all and sundry, "I am going to the restaurant! I am being in the restaurant! I eat in the restaurant! I am going in the restaurant!" He got to order his food himself ("I want the french fries and the chicken!") and pick out his food from the salad bar (he wanted mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and watermelon), and even got his ownself-serve ice cream for dessert. But most amazing of all, he tried new food! He ate Grandma's cabbage (with and without cheese), and baked potato!

Who is this child, and where did they take Joey?

Seriously, he had a grand time, and really seems to be turning a corner on food and oral sensitivities. But now he is complaining that the church music is too loud, and covering his ears.


bigwhitehat said...


I hope Tiger starts trying some new food soon.

Jack up the car and let Fritz out from under it. That could kill the fella.

Martin Cross said...

Wow! What a red letter day! Good for you guys. I can read the big old smile on your face as you wrote that post.

mcewen said...

Well you're just showing off now! Brilliant job. I don't know which I'm more impressed with, the huge 'eating' or the massive 'ordering.' Or perhaps it's just the blissful 'happy.'
Best [green] wishes

Chaoticidealism said...

What an absolutely great kid you've got there! Looks like he really stepped out of his comfort zone--and enjoyed it!

I think my mom would've had to pick her jaw off the floor at that age, if I'd tried celery or zucchini bread... (See, both of 'em have little stringy bits in them, and stringy bits was the worst for me!)

Good for you, Joey!

Dan said...

Joey sounds like a sweet little guy. Hugs to you and him!

Thanks for visiting my blog! That was very sweet of you.

Edu Sousa said...

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm weeks behind on my blog reading, but in my opinion, it's never too late to celebrate victories in eating!