Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alex Barton Update

Just the latest on Alex Barton- they "reassigned" his teacher. It will take two weeks for the district to "complete its investigation" by which I hope they mean "put together the paperwork we need to fire her butt." But we'll see.

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fightinggale said...

This is worse than what happened to my son. He was kicked out of K on his 2nd day because of behavior. He spent many days at the principals office. They all thought he was a bad kid until he had a diganosis of asperger's. 18 p minus and behavior conduct disorder. please visit me at my blog on vox as fightinggale.
Mrs. Stormie
SUE the teacher that is just plain cruel! God bless him
Alex you are very special in your moms and God's eye. In ours.
We love you!