Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day at the Doctor's

Some folks go to spas to get away from the kids. I hear cruises are nice breaks. Maybe an afternoon at the beach. Not me. I go to the cardiologist.

We checked out the PVCs today. An EEG and a nuke stress test. It was actually very nice, except for the IV (but the phlebotomist was fabulous, got in the first time!) and the running on the treadmill (they were having a hard time getting my rate to go up, because I've been going to the gym). We won't have official word on what the tests say until the 6th, but the initial outlook is...

Drum roll, please...

You know what's coming, right?


Yeah, you knew it, smarty. The nurse practitioner was a stitch. She's looking at the read outs as they are coming out of the machine and the monitors and stuff, and telling me its probably not a blockage (yay!), and then starts asking me if I drink coffee. Or tea. Or eat a lot of chocolate. Do I smoke? No. No. No. (I told her I've been drinking more Diet Coke lately, but she said you have to drink a LOT of diet coke to consume enough caffeine to cause this- though she did say "It wouldn't hurt to knock it off, anyway! It's not good for you.") So then she smiles knowingly, cocks her head, and says, "Soooooo.... tell me about the stress in your life." A quick rundown of a typical day at my house is quite enough. The fact that we haven't been having a lot of "typical" days, but a whole lot of other emergencies and incidents and events, and... well, stress is a funny thing.

We'll see what the doctor says next Friday.


Niksmom said...

STRESS?? You have **stress** in your life??? I just can't imagine! (Pardon me while I now ROFLPIMP!) Sigh...doctors make it sound so easy don't they? "Just reduce your stress..." I've heard that one a lot!

Good luck!

Stimey said...

Ditto what Niksmom said. Are there people who aren't stressed?