Monday, October 27, 2008

What can i say?

So, after a glorious afternoon at Harvest Fest, we settle the boys in for the evening, and then to bed. Andy and I made up our latest installment of T-Rex and the Lizard Friends- they went to the Harvest Festival and had a really great time with the rides and the pumpkins and the haunted house and all.

Then my dear, darling son reaches over with both hands and starts kneading my boobs like bread.

"What is dis, Mommy?" he asks innocently enough and I brush his hands away.
"That's my chest, dear..."
"I like dem. Dey is squishy," he announces and he kneads them again.
"It isn't polite to squish a lady's chest, hon," I try again.
"But I like to squish them!" he protests.

I think I have cracked a rub trying not to laugh.

(***Stay Tuned for Harvest Fest post and pics***)


little.birdy said...

Oh dear! I hope that straightens itself out!

Niksmom said...

ROFLMAO!! Sounds like yo've got yourself a little (I mean young) boob man! (*snerk*)