Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Retrospective: The Passing of a Generation

The Heinz sisters (left to right): Junie, Esther, Marie (in lap), and Ruth. Ruth died very young. Marie was my Granny Pinkie.

Esther, Marie, and Esther's husband Fred.

My Granny Pinkie, my Great-Uncle Frank, and my Great-Aunt Barbara Hope. Aunt Barbie Hope was my grandfather's sister, and Frank was her husband.

My Granny Rabbit and Pop-Pop. These were my father's parents. I don't currently have any photos of my grandmother's sisters, Tressa and Pauline (my grandmother was Mary).

The grown Heinz sisters: Junie, Marie, and Esther.

We are unsure who the adults are in this photo, but I suspect they are my grandmother's grandparents (the Heinzes). If I am correct, we have: my great-great grandmother Annie Krug Heinz, my great-great grandfather Evan A. Heinz, my grandmother Marie, my great-uncle Evan (he died when my mom was young), my great-aunt Esther, my great-aunt Junie, and my great-aunt Ruth.

This is the Perrygo clan. I know who some of these people are, but not all of them- and though I know the names, which face does the name belong to? I can say my grandfather had a lot of brothers and sisters, and I think this photo has most of them. Clint, Annette, Margaret, Edgar, Maurice, Elmer, Percy, Watson, and my grandfather, Leroy. It is likely that his parents, Elmer and Rosa, are also shown here.

My Pop-Pop Conway, the real Santa Claus (Mr. King), my Granny Pinkie, and the real Mrs. Claus (Mrs. King). I grew up with these people being Mr. and Mrs. Claus... period.

My grandmother, my grandfather, my great-aunt Betty, and my great-uncle Bob. Bob was my grandfather's brother. Betty was his wife, and she died this morning.

They are all gone now.


ghkcole said...

oh I am so sorry for your loss

Niksmom said...

I'm sorry for your loss. xo

Perrygo? Where are they from? My mom's family has a Perrigo (though the spelling is always changing!) on her dad's side (my maternal g-grandmother, Addie) who ended up somewhere in TX. Wonder if we're related somehow!? ;-)