Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hope for the right track

At OT, I saw one of the other special ed moms, who had lots of nice things to say about Joey's new math teacher, Ms. Sc (so we don't confuse her with Joey's kindergarden teacher, Mrs. S.) Joey got to go see the classroom yesterday while everyone was at "specials". He got to see his desk, and explore the room a little, and talk with Ms. Sc about math.

I admit, I was a little nervous. I have an email from Mrs. A to the effect of "His new schedule means he can't get his sticker for Word Wall in here." The tone was crisp, though I don't know how intentionally. Now, personally, if I had a student who was being moved out of my classroom with no real preliminaries- just "he's going!" I think I would want to think about my attitude. I would at least want to say something like, 'I'm glad Joey is doing so well that you want to move him into an inclusion setting for more time- hope he does great there!' Perhaps that is how I was raised. You acknowledge stuff like this. I'm certainly not any more comfortable with the time he has remaining with this lady. Does she care? She doesn't even care enough to get creative and find a way for him to get his Word Wall sticker.

Joey came home from school in after-school mood, so I let him relax a few minutes before bombarding him with questions about his day. The smile when I asked if he met his new teacher was worth the wait. He told me he saw his classroom, and talked with Ms. Sc, and that he is very happy and excited. We're telling him the truth of it- he is doing so well at math that he needs to join the new class and new friends, and have a new teacher. He seems mightily pleased.

He starts the new class on Monday. I hope it goes as well as his visit.


Stimey said...

I'm glad he liked it so much. I'll have my fingers crossed for you for Monday.

Also, I love "after-school mood." I know it well. I'm glad to have a name for it now.

Casdok said...

Yes Mrs A could have put just a bit more thought into it.
Hope all goes well for Joey.