Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thinking about getting or changing insurance?

Ah, the joys of our lives is that we are expected to regularly hit up our friends and neighbors for time and money to support our various interests. I no sooner get through one "fundraiser" or "promotion" and another one comes along.

Well, I have one for you all and its absolutely free. JoeyAndyDad works for GEICO, and they run a promotion for getting quotes on insurance. If you are thinking about getting or changing insurance, please call GEICO for a quote! The number to call is 800 342 9070, and please use promotion code 128768.* It does take about 15 minutes to get a quote for car or homeowner's insurance. Thank you for your support, and I hope they offer you a great deal!

*You don't have to accept the offer. You just need to make the call and give them the promotion code for him to get credit!

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