Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted.

Did you?

I took the boys with me to the polls. I want to be very clear about this with both of my boys: as American citizens, when they become adults, it is their right to vote, and it is their duty to vote. It is not optional. If you want to remain a free citizen in a free country, you vote. Period. (I also believe you serve on juries. When you are called to jury duty, you serve. Delaying it is fine, but you serve. Trying to "get out of it" is rejecting your duty and right as a citizen.)

I really don't care who you vote for at this point. Just make your voice heard. One of the stupidest things George Bush ever said was that he had a mandate from the people simply because he won an election. He ignored all those votes against him. No one is in perfect harmony with the universe enough to have a "mandate." No one agrees on every issue or policy 100%. It is our job as citizens to let our leaders know how we feel, to make them think about thing from a wider perspective. No issue is one-sided.

Voting is a way to stand up and speak. So stand up and speak. It is a rare right, and we should seize the opportunity for our everyday lives to be heard.

We are here! We are here! WE ARE HERE!!!