Sunday, November 02, 2008

Packing Breakfast: Help!

The internet has failed me. People think to post about pack lunches, but pack breakfasts? Yet our school system (and the surrounding systems) all include breakfast for everybody. Lots of sites for feeding the kids before they go to school- but what about schools where breakfast is served?

I am looking for things to pack for breakfast for Joey. They need to be:

200 calories or less
Including protein
Not requiring heating of any kind. Items requiring refrigeration needs to be able to withstand being unrefrigerated for about 30 minutes in an insulated container.
Be discrete (sending in lunch items as breakfast stands out big-time)

I'm worried he's going to get tired of yogurt and low-sugar snack-cakes; especially the yogurt. I can switch up the snack cakes (there's plenty of choices and flavors on the market, or I can make breakfast cookies), but portable protein is more of a problem.

I'm also looking for veggie alternatives. Carrots are still ok, but Joey has stopped eating celery (probably just the sharp fall crop, but still...) He does eat cold steamed broccoli. He does not eat bell pepper, cold string beans, uncooked broccoli, or cold peas. :(

Brain already in overload. Need some ideas. Thanks.


Do'C said...

Some kids will go for quiche bars (I have one who will). Easy enough to make a week's worth in a 9X9 baking dish. Do an easy press-in bisquick-like thin crust, pour in a few eggs scrambled up with about a half cup each chopped ham and shredded cheese - bake until crust browned and eggs firmed. Refrigerate, then cut into little bars. These could meet your reqs.

VAB said...

Our guy likes cold bacon, fried crispy then wrapped in paper towel and tin foil. You didn't mention fruit, is that a possibility?

Niksmom said...

You could even make the quiche bars into mini muffin/cups. I've done that for Niksdad when he was commuting a lot.

Bacon is always good; turkey bacon if you want something higher in protein and lower in fat.

How about bagel and (can he have at school) peanut butter? Bagel and cream cheese w/some thin sliced melon on it?

If you have something that needs to stay cold youcan always freeze a nuice box and use it as a cold pack.