Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Foot Stimming

You can tell its a holiday around here- the boys are foot stimming a lot more. This is what I call it when they step and stand on things on purpose, or try to get a lot of input through their feet (like jumping a lot). The trampoline is rolled away for the holiday, but it may be time to pull it back out...

Andy likes the lego tub top best. He puts it in front of the TV, then rocks on the raised rim while watching his Zoboomafoo.

Joey likes jumping on things and into the shallow pool at the gym.

They've both been standing on blankie and even skiffing about with blankie under their feet. Blankie is knit, so the texture provides input. They've also been trying to bounce on the sofa a lot.

Shoes and socks seem to be either completely to be banned, or worn constantly. Usually banned.

The foot input also means Andy and Joey both have more trouble sitting without footstools to put their feet on. That little bit of elevation means you lean onto your feet more, thus more input. At lunch yesterday, there was a lot of dancing around the chairs.

My current plan is to track down some bubble wrap and put it on my floor to test my theory, If I find two little guys attracted to it like flies to honey, then I'll know we need to invest in some more. And get the trampoline back out.


Nicki Mann said...

Bubble wrap sounds like a good idea! You should see if you can find carpet skates, they might like that too!

Anonymous said...

Ha! If they're like my kids bubble wrap is practically the best present ever--they'll toss aside what's in the box to pop bubble wrap!! :) So I guarantee they'll love it.

Perksofbeingme said...

I found your blog through stimey and I work with autistic children and the bubble wrap sounds like a good idea. Instead of having to buy it, call your local stores first to see if any of their shipments come wrapped in bubble wrap. If so, ask if you can come pick it up once a week or so. That way you save some money. It sounds like a great idea.