Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weather Camp: Rainbows

This week Joey has no ESY, so we are doing Weather Camp. Yesterday we got a little interrupted because we are looking for boards to replace our front porch (currently the original 1929 boards, and our isn't the only porch in town going bad fast) and got a line on some we thought would be affordable. Anyway, we did manage to take a picture of the clouds in the sky and watch a Magic School Bus on storms, but that was all.

So today we we worked on rainbows. We read the Magic School Bus book on rainbows, then I got out the prism. Joey was very excited about the prism, and is very proud that I let him actually have it, since it is glass and therefore a breakable. He's been making rainbows for me (or trying to) all day. The we put up some cards about different kinds of clouds. We had picked up our print of yesterday's sky, so we pinned it to the board under the matching card (cumulus). Joey was totally excited. There were no clouds when we took Andy to camp, but when we came out to pick him up, there were lots more big puffies out there, so we talked more about cumulus clouds. I'm hoping to do a book or poster on clouds on Friday. I managed to snap a cirrus cloud this evening, and maybe we'll get some thunderheads tomorrow (cumulonimbus clouds!) I doubt we'll get stratos clouds this week, but one can hope.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to work on storms, and do the famous Cyclone Experiment. I'll keep you posted.

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