Friday, December 18, 2009

It's snowing.

Joey pops his little head down the stairs. He's supposed to be in bed, but hey, its officially Christmas Break! There's a big, lit tree in the front hall, ornaments everywhere, excitement abounds! And now we're being hit with a lovely snowstorm!

"It's snowing!" he announces gleefully. He hops down the stairs.
"Whatcha doin', Buddy?" we inquire, the cue to tell us if something is wrong.
"I want kisses!" he informs us. "Two!"

Happy Snow Day.


Stimey said...

Snow...stupid...stupid...cancel appointments...can't run errands...snow...grumble...grumble...

The author said...

It had a go at it this morning, not very good, but if I am lucky there will be Snow in Wales, hopefully not enought to prevent me from getting there in the first place.

Club 166 said...

Just a dusting here, but enough to get the kids extremely excited ("Did you SEE it? Will it snow more? Can we go out and play?").

I'm hoping we get a bit more, so we can break out the sled.