Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey, Look! It Snowed!

Hmmmm. I think it snowed this weekend. This was our Saturday Morning Jaunt into the snow. We lasted about half an hour, because the snow kept blowing into our faces- and coats, boots, mittens, hoods...

This is still the morning venture. By the time we went out for the afternoon, Joey was in snow above his knees to go down the sidewalk. He got snow in his boots, which made him very unhappy. But the morning for him was OK.

Boys exploring a winter wonderland like they have never seen.

We got about 18 inches, maybe 20. It hasn't snowed like this here in a while. It was the fluffy stuff, too cold to pack- maybe tomorrow the sun will hit it enough to be able to make snowmen. Or something. Virginia usually gets wetter snow, so the depth is a little deceptive. Rule of thumb is that wet snow is half as deep as dry snow for the same about of water. So this storm would have been 9-10 inches or normal Virginia snow. That would still have been major (in my opinion, more major, as wet snow is heavier to shovel and doesn't blow or sweep as well as dry snow). This was an awesome storm. Think the whole winter will be like this? Spring semester will be a disaster!


Stimey said...

I (sorta) enjoyed the snow, but I'd be happy if it melted and the temperature stayed at 75 degrees for the next four months. But my kids had a great time in it. Much like your kids look like they did.

Ali said...

I did not realize we shared a state! This only makes your blog more awesome.