Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It was Joey's last game of the season. How quick was that? Andy went out to play, too.

Joey is really running, now. There is something lovely about running those bases, especially with an awesome buddy!

Andy likes to field with the best of them! Especially looking cool.

Joey fields the ball.

Andy going for a ball He's pretty good at getting it to one of the real players, so they can throw it to first or home.

Joey and Andy make a great fielding team!

Andy got the ball a few times this game (sometimes he doesn't get one, and feels sad.)

Joey makes a sharp-looking outfielder, too.

He also played first base. No catcher today, it was too hot for anyone to put on the pads.

Joey got two excellent hits today! (We only played two innings.)

Joey gets on base.

Andy taking a break in the dugout. There must be other Little League games today, because the Little League set up its concession stand while we were there. Andy got some cool candies.

Joey, about to be safe at home! Go Joey!

We will miss you, Challengers! See you in the Fall!

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