Monday, June 13, 2011

We Have A Winner

With the end of the school year comes those awesome awards ceremonies, where you get to see your kid get an award for being awesome. Last year, Andy got no awards. He was very upset, and I didn't blame him, since he worked very hard all year. But that is how it goes with awards- not everyone gets one.

This year, he got three.

Andy earned his Excellence in Reading and Excellence in Math awards, which are based on the testing the schools do. The Reading one also considers if you choose to read or write when you have spare time. What was super-cute is when they asked "and who will be doing lots of reading this summer?" he hesitated before tentatively putting up his hand... half-heartedly. Hmm. But don't worry, I have some awesome books for him for the summer, we should be fine. The math award is more rare than the reading one, so that was pretty cool.

He also got the Good Citizenship award- the one you get when you have behaved yourself all year and been a good friend to everybody. Suspiciously, the bully we had to contend with this year also got Good Citizenship. Hmmm...

I am super-proud of my soon-to-be-second-grader. He is awesome, and worked hard this year to be super-awesome. Go, Andy!!!


Niksmom said...

Go, Andy! Congratulations on the well-deserved awards.

For what it's worth, I think you have a couple of winners there, regardless of any awards they might earn at school. xo

Accidental Expert said...

Way to go Andy! That's great.