Friday, September 21, 2007

Blogging Meme

Abfh has put up a new meme, and hey, what's wrong with a meme now and again? So here it is:

1. Is there a regular time of day when you compose your posts?
Yes. 2 am is pretty good, but around 9 pm is very usual. It is the time between getting the boys in bed and when I start checking up on my online class discussion forums.

2. Do you prefer to write a certain number of posts per week (or per month)?
I write when I can. I like having something as daily as possible, because I like reading blogs that post almost daily.

3. Are you more likely to write a post when you're happy about the topic, or do you mainly blog when you feel like ranting?
I'm a ranter. Sometimes I rant about being happy.

4. Do you write from notes or an outline, or are your posts mostly spontaneous?
Spontaneous- though sometimes I've stewed a few hours/days/weeks before I get things into words other people can understand.

5. Do you try to maintain a central theme for your blog and avoid random topics that don't fit the theme?
Yes. I try to stick to life with Joey and Andy, and I'm usually Joey-heavy because so much of my own life is taken up with work to support and advocate for him. I think we just learned this week that Andy is about to eat up more time, because he's in an unusual position in life.

6. Are there any interesting rituals associated with your blogging?
No. They're all very boring.


little.birdy said...

I was just reading some backlogged entries and man, I miss Joey! I will have to come up to Fred one of these days and visit.

kiribako said...

I have accepted your meme challenge: Answering For Myself on Kiribako.