Thursday, September 20, 2007

School shopping

it's official. I fired the school this morning.

I can't very well send my child to a school that had not one positive thing to say about him, could I? We're SO happy to not be in one of those with Joey this year. I was not expecting to have such a problem with Andy. What's up with normal preschool?

So now we are school shopping. I have found a couple of schools with slots available. They are both Montessori schools, which around here means they are pricey and want the whole tuition even if they kick you out. :P I did get a glimpse of the inside of one already, and it looks really lovely- bright, clean, lots of things to do and get into. The director was very nice. We have an interview on Thursday. Wish us luck.

In other fronts, Joey is ill. Tummy bug. Mommy is tired. Perpetual.


Club 166 said...

Good Luck!

If it's any consolation, Montessori was the answer for us, though that may have been because the owner/director had two kids that were ADHD and had behavioral issues themselves.

Some of the interviews at other schools were kind of funny.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Good luck and hope Joey feels better soon. Both my kids attended Montessori (my son briefly before attending a special ed school and my daughter for over a year now). In both cases we have had a wonderful experience and have found the teachers and staff really willing to work with our kids as individuals.

VAB said...

That sucks, but better that you got out fast than having a borderline acceptable situation drag on. Good call.

Jen P said...

Seems like there's a lot of that these days. We fired our public preschool for the little guy too. I should have listened to you when you told me to RUN in the other direction!

Good luck finding a school

Casdok said...

Good luck!!