Monday, September 17, 2007

Stay Tuned!

We had the Best Vacation Ever.

We got two good shots at the ocean, cool enough to not burn our feet on the sand, warm enough to really get in the water.

Joey rode every ride we'd let him on. Andy got to go fishing and win prizes.

The boys played skee ball and prize cranes in Marty's. They had taffy from Dolle's.

Allan and I got to have a walk to ourselves. We got to have fries from Thrasher's and popcorn from Fisher's.

We had crabs at Hooper's. We saw ponies at Assateague. We even tried a new resteraunt, Greenwood Farms, which was wonderful!

So stay tuned for the pics, the fun, the stories...


Niksmom said...

OMG! I didn't know you were going to Rehoboth! I could've driven down to meet you (w/Nik of course)! RATS! Well, glad you had a good time...waiting for pics and stories! :-)

Joeymom said...

Actually, we were in Ocean City. I spent many childhood vacations at Rehobeth, though- quieter than OC, and the hotels were cheaper.

kristina said...

Sounds like our kind of vacation!

little.birdy said...

HI! It's Miss. Katie! I realized today that it had been months since I'd checked on Joey, so I googled his name and found this blog. I'm so glad that he is doing well in kindergarten! I really miss him and Andy and all the cute things they do and say. I jumped right into graduate school after I graduated from UMW and took four classes this summer. Now I'm in five classes, all undergraduate pre-reqs or VA license requirements. Next semester I can start observing at the clinic and by next fall I should be actually working with kids! To get my kid fix these days I work with Joshua, who has severe CP and is working on creeping on all fours. He doesn't do traditional therapy, but does the Institute for the Achievement for Human Potential's program at home. It seems to be a good fit for him, though I wish he'd get some speech therapy because now he's starting to make all kinds of different sounds! I wish he could communicate like Joey does. Now that I've found this blog I'll bookmark it and check in regularly. Tell Joey that Miss. Katie says hi!