Monday, January 28, 2008

How was your day at school?

Today was a strange day. Not bad. Strange. Joey didn't have school- teacher workday.

Andy did.

So Joey and I took Andy to school this morning. We then went for a swim at the gym, which was a lot of fun, and then we returned for our Andy.

Andy's class wasn't ready yet, so we stood there a while with Joey's chorus of "where's Andy?" continuing from the morning. When the door finally opened and the munchkins were released one by one, Andy rushed out with a hug for his big brother. They walked back to the car, hand in hand.

Overheard from behind:

"How was your school, Andy?"
"Fine. We saw bears!"
"Did you play with friends?"
"How was your day?"
"Good. We saw bears, and lions, and dinosaurs!" (Small boy signs "bear")
"Did you have fun?"
"Yes. Dinosaurs!"

I am currently nursing a scraped lower lip. If anyone finds my teeth, please mail them to...


Niksmom said...

Oh how precious that must have been! Wow. Better get used to that bruised/scraped lower lip, Mama! Sounds like some changes are a'comin your way!

Club 166 said...

Amazing and wonderful.

Enjoy the day.


Stimey said...

That is glorious. The conversation is wonderful.

Back when Sam was in his 4s class and Jack was in his 2s class, they would hug when they saw each other at the end of school every day. Like they'd made it through another day and were relieved to see each other again. Really cute.

It's also nice to spend a morning with the guy you're not used to having all for yourself.