Friday, February 01, 2008

A Lovely Visit

So I plunked myself into Joey's classroom again this morning, and started asking lots of questions... like, what's ESY going to be this year? And what will next year look like? And what goals should we be considering? And nosey stuff like that.

So we had a lovely little talk about such things, and I am happy to report that Mrs. H is on the same page we are about planning for Joey and what he needs. She also thinks the ESY worked, and not to break something that works. And more time in the inclusion room next year. And his reading is fabulous. And he's fabulous. And lots of other details I don't usually discuss here anyway. You know, school stuff. Educating the child. Keeping him engaged and challenged. He wants to read on the second-grade level next year? No problem. Needs more help in science and social studies? No problem.

Sitting with Joey in circle time, he pulled my head over to him and played with my hair. Playing with my hair is new. He really needs something to do with his hands while in circle. He is doing lots of first-grade reading activities and writing. It sure is nice to be included in his little world, pulled in voluntarily and see his grin when he knows I am there with him; to be pulled nose to nose to that grinning face by little hands, and told, "Hi, Mrs. Guyton!" with such love and pride. I only hope he knows that's nothing compared to how proud I am of him... how much I love him.

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Casdok said...

All sounds realy positive.
As you say it is so wonderful when they enclude us in their world in what ever way.