Monday, January 28, 2008

A Strike Against Disney

ABC is airing a new show with a first episode that implies a link between autism and vaccines. The co-creators say they'd be upset if people stopped vaccinating because of the show... talk about waffle-waffle. If they were so concerned, they would never have written it. If they believe vaccines cause autism, why are they saying they are concerned?

And if they don't pull it, guess who isn't going to buy any more Disney products?


Kassiane said...

I hear that. Not like I'm the Disney demographic but I do know kids who are, and purchase gifts for them.

And I LOVE your shop on cafepress. Just FANTASTIC.

Beau McClelland said...

What makes the whole thing sad is the fact that the original script had NOTHING to do with vaccines.


But I've also found that "Eli Stone" is part COMEDY.

Nobody in their right mind will take the show seriously.

Beau McClelland said...

Oh, and they more or less can't pull the episode now. There's a shortage of shows due to the writer's strike already.

One dramedy that has a whimsical plot, and more than likely will tank in the ratings, won't hurt anyone.

Maddy said...

Well it's not TIVO'd so I'll miss it anyway.

Stuart said...

Well, I watched the pilot of Eli Stone. it was okay... the kind of show that wouldn't make it in an ordinary TV climate, but given the dearth of new scripts, it might last a while. It tries to be quirky like Pushing Daisies, but it's not as charming.

As far as the autism aspect, I'm not as sensitive to it as I'm sure you are, but I didn't think it was that bad. and at the end of the episode it encourages people to seek out more information about autism at

Joeymom said...

GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! IT SENT THEM TO DAN! They were suppose to send people to the CDC!

This only means one thing: he writers really believe that mercury in vaccines causes autism. What idiots. I hope it wasn't too well-watched.

Stuart said...

Oh hell, I don't remember, I wasn't paying attention that closely. Maybe it did refer people to the CDC. My POINT is, I think it's best to see something before calling for a boycott because of it. Don't you?

Joeymom said...

Except that I already have had the words "but I just saw a TV show that said..." tossed at me. No, I think it is fine to boycott something offensive if you have evidence of it being offensive before it escapes into the public eye, especially on a topic as important as this. Children's lives are on the line.

If you knew a show was going to be about justifying a lynch mob and glorifying the KKK, wouldn't you want it pulled BEFORE it got out?

I'd like this show to just fade into the sunset, but its already proven it didn't. People watched this, and are now asking me about it, and why did I vaccinate my kid? People already think this is somehow my fault. I didn't need more of that idea floating about.

Stuart said...

*sigh* It just reeks of The Satanic Verses, Corpus Christi, The Last Temptation of Christ, and any number of other situations in which people call for a boycott (or worse) without even seeing what they're offended by. All I'm saying is, see first, then get upset.