Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boy Rewards

You wanted to know how the Boy Rewards Sticker Program campaign was going, right?
To be honest, it's going OK. They didn't earn enough stickers to go to Chuck E. Cheese last month, so this month it was a bit of a relief that they were able to go. They have a lot of new rides at our Chuck E. Cheese, so it was very exciting.
They ordered the pizza themselves, sausage with extra cheese, please! Then they came to get their tokens from me, one at a time, and would run off in eager glee to find some new adventure until the pizza came.

Then they would come, take a bite of pizza, get a token, and run off in eager glee...
They played a few rounds of air hockey. They liked scoring- on themselves. They would deliberately knock the puck into their own goal and laugh hysterically.
Some of the other patrons were quite amused. I grew up with an air hockey table in my basement. I can't play pool, but I play some mean air hockey. Looks like we need to get the old table dusted off, waxed up, and blowing some air!

When they ran out of tokens, they went up into the tubes for while. We only had one sketchy moment when a small child started screaming in the tubes, and the noise was too much for Andy with all the echo. HE came down for a few minutes and ate a few extra bites of pizza.
I knew it was time to go home when I caught them doing this (remember, they were out of tokens!) This is a game that has cool graphics that make you feel like you're moving around tight corners and stuff, kind of a fake roller-coaster. They were watching the previews for the game, over and over and over and over...

So we picked out our prizes (Joey got a Chuck E. Cheese toy, Andy got a piece of candy) and went home, two happy boys, ready to start another sticker-winning month!


Niksmom said...

Will you please adopt me? Your outings and field trips always look so fun!

Miss Kitty said...

HOORAY for the boys! Chuck E. Cheese is such a fun place when you're a kid.