Sunday, September 28, 2008

A small note

Since school started, every Friday, I have put a little note in Joey's lunchbox. I write a new one every week, but the basics are, "Dear Joey, I love you. I hope you like your lunch. Love, Mommy." Nothing has been said about these notes, and Joey isn't saying much about school these days (hence our current string of meetings with teachers). I just put them in because it gives him something to read, I miss him, and I want him to know I am thinking about him even when he is in school. But really, I haven't given them too much thought from Joey's point of view.

I'm working today. When I work, I am shut upstairs with my computer, the laundry, and some snacks, and emerge around five o'clock. On my breaks i change the beds, flip laundry, and eat. It isn't very exciting.

I forgot to bring up my lunch and take my meds this morning, so during my break I hot-footed it down the stairs to find boys preparing for lunch. Joey has been in the habit of carrying notebooks and crayons around with him, so I didn't think much of it when he seized my grocery list pad and a pen and started writing, taking little note of me rummaging through the freezer for a bowl of something-that-needs-to-get-eaten. I was already headed up the stairs, having stolen a kiss atop his busy head, when he came running to hand me the pad, "Mom! Mom! Look what I wrote!"

I took the pad from him, and he beamed as I read it:

"Dear Mommy, I love you. I love you, too. Love, Joey."

Would it be terrible to have it framed?


Niksmom said...

No, it would terrible to NOT have it framed! (And post a photo on the blog!) Yes, just when we're not sure they're paying attention they surprise and delight us. :-)

Casdok said...

I thought blog photo too!
Thats so beautiful!

Ang said...

Oh my heart. That's awesome. And definitely have it framed!!!

Stimey said...

Sometimes you don't know what they notice. This is so nice. I would keep that note forever.

I've been putting occasional notes in Jack's lunchbox too. I hope they matter to him like they obviously matter to Joey.

kristi said...

I have folders to keep special things like this. Sometimes I look at them and just smile!