Monday, September 29, 2008

By Popular Demand

Boys painting up their stick puppets.

Stick puppet success!

Joey has his handy-dandy notebook.

Note to mom: you are loved.


Club 166 said...

Andy may be smiling, but it looks distinctly like he's "flipping you off" in that first shot. :)


Joeymom said...

Actually, he was doing fingerspelling. One of the new Signing Time episodes has them spell "rat". That's an "r".


Niksmom said...

Oh but that last photo gives me goosebumps!

kristina said...

"Love" 3 times in the last photo----divine.

Casdok said...

The note is really worthy of framing! :)

Stimey said...

Gorgeous art. Gorgeous boys. Best note ever.