Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eep. Or, What's happening here.

Sorry for the post lag. I am grading the worst set of midterms I have ever gotten. We are trying to figure out what is going on with Joey in math. I had to put away the boys' big pool-slide today before it starts to really freeze around here. And I've been working like the Little Beaver Who Could.

Joey read Green Eggs and Ham to me last night, entirely by himself. He had his first box of 64 Crayolas today, which are right now his greatest treasure- all those colors, including "macaroni and cheese"! He was having some tummy distress in the car- the return of car sickness is not a good sign for sensory integration (here comes another sensory shift! AAAA!)

Andy's after-school mood is consistently Crabby. We took him for pizza yesterday because he positively would NOT go into the Olive Garden (where we normally have lunch when we go out with Grandma). He still likes dinosaurs. We're now making up the Adventures of T-Rex and the Lizard Brothers regularly at bedtime (maybe I should write them down and start a new classic children's story series). We've added Spider, Fox, Frog, Spooky, and Pumpkin to our list of characters this week. They tend to like to blow bubbles and play Hide-and-Seek.

I have two hours off tomorrow. I would dearly love to spend it curled up in my living room watching Time Bandits whilst stitching up something pretty from mom for Christmas in front of a small, comfy fire in the fireplace. Maybe if I feel energetic, I could arrange the mantel for Halloween. But I'm placing my money on the two hours being spent mulching the garden, digging through the guest room to even try to get to the Halloween decorations, and maybe some random cleaning-type activities. Because i suck.

But I will ltry for a few minutes of blogging. Really.

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Miss Kitty said...

You mean to tell me Andy is the same way after school as I am? :-P So wonderful that Joey got his crayons--ahh, the wonders of that full 64-crayon set. And congrats to him on "Green Eggs and Ham."

I feel ya on the crappy midterms...UGGHHHHH.