Friday, October 24, 2008

To the pumpkin patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, Andy has Harvest Day on Sunday, Halloween is Friday, so today was the day. We were pleased to see lots of other folks at Snead's Farm, because that means Snead's made money today, and we like them. We got to pick out pumpkins, play in the hay in the barn, check out the goats, llamas, and chickens, and have a great time. Yay, Fall!

Joey loves pumpkins. This year he's been into odd-colored pumpkins. He has a white one he bought with Grandma, and today he picked out this green one. He spent a good part of the afternoon cradling it in his arms, patting it lovingly, and referring to it as his "baby pumpkin." Which, it is- a baby, unripe pumpkin. Smart boy.

Andy picked out this little tiny pumpkin. Now, when I was a mere lass, my brother and I picked out a pair of pumpkins together. His was very tall and thin, and mine was tiny. We called them "Laurel and Hardly." Andy would have been in love with Hardly.
Then we went for a good chicken chase. Andy likes pretending to be a T. Rex and run after the chickens, roaring. He scared the bejeebus out of some chickens today. Sorry Myrtle May.

Joey preferred to chase the chickens while crowing like a rooster. Or just crowing. He sounded remarkably like a real rooster. Maddy's son would be so proud of him.

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kristi said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!!