Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas, Love, Me

Ah, yes, the season of Christmas cards. I actually made plenty of pics to enclose this year, printed plenty of our holiday letter, even bought pens just for the purpose. Weeks ago, I noticed a bag full of boxes of Christmas cards somewhere in the guest room or attic as I was poking around. I also had a few boxes ready to go on the diningroom table. Oh good, I thought. I have a ton cards, I don't need to buy anymore.

This is a big deal. We all have our foibles. One of mine is buying loads and loads of Christmas cards, particularly just after Christmas, and storing them up for the grand Sending of the Cards. Then I would see pretty cards I liked right ater Thanksgiving, so I would buy more. And then the after-Christmas sales would come...

This began partly because I had an obsession with greeting cards when I was younger, and partly because I used to send out almost 250 cards. This year I am down to 127. I need lots of cards. However, I don't need truckloads of them each and every year. The idea that "I don't need to buy cards" would even cross my brain is just huge.

So I sat down to write my cards yesterday. Think I can find that bag o' cards now?

Oh ha ha.


r.b. said...

Such is life, eh?

Niksmom said...

Ah, a kindred spirit with regard to the stockpinling of cards and such. LOL

Stimey said...

I used to have a problem with hoarding cards. I would like them so much or see them as so valuable that I couldn't send them. I have serious problems.

I'm up from about 40 cards to slightly fewer than 60. It makes it easy.