Monday, December 08, 2008

Return of the Boy: Steel Trap Memory

Joey went to school today. I was a little nervous, and he seemed a little tired when he got home, but otherwise he's been OK. We even got some homework done with minimal grousing. He started money in school today, very exciting.

When he came home, we still had Grandma with us, and had to take her back to her office. He was happy to get to see Grandma and take a ride in the warm car (my house is older and tends to be cold- we need to replace the windows.) He also was happy to ask Grandma if he could come stay at her house!

We agreed that Friday would be a good day for Joey to have his turn at Grandma's. Andy is a little miffed (he wants to stay at Grandma's all the time, too).

"One at a time," Joey confirmed. "Only one can stay at Grandma's."
"That's right," we agreed.
"Yes, Grandma has a bad knee," Grandma offered as an explanation.
"Oh, I thought it was so you could focus the spoiling," I winked at her.

We got to the office with further repetitions of "One at a time" and "Grandma's on Friday!" and Andy suggesting every other day of the week for him to spend the night at Grandma's. It actually wasn't too bad for the Witching Hour.

Grandma started her goodbyes, with more assurances of Friday's big date.

"I'm so glad you are feeling better," Grandma expressed the feelings of us all.
"Does your knee hurt?" Joey asked unexpectedly.
After a blink, Grandma replied, "Well... yes, it does... but... thank you for asking!"
"I want to make your knee feel better."
"Just you asking makes it feel better," Grandma reassured him.
"Smiles make it feel better, too," I suggested- at which Joey promptly smiled wider at her.

That boy sure loves him some Grandma.


little.birdy said...

Grandmas are wonderful people to have around. :)

Stimey said...

Grandmas are pretty great!