Friday, December 12, 2008

The Witching Hour Strikes Again

It was so cold and raw and rainy and nasty yesterday, we decided it was best to just take Grandma home and pick her up this morning, rather than transfer her from our nice, warm, toasty car to her cold, clammy car to send her home. So we grabbed Joey from the bus and headed to Grandma's.

And then the Witching Hour struck.

I had two thundering elephants strapped into the backseat with no space to thunder in! So naturally, they started beating on each other. Loudly. Andy started throwing toys. Grandma finally has to take a toy away, and he started screaming. Joey started imitating him. You can imagine from there.

Cold. Tired. Wet. Miserable. The perfect storm for a Witching Hour. It was so bad, nobody got enough gold stars to get a prize (they are currently in love with glow sticks).

As the storm passed and we arrived home, my ears heaved a sigh of relief. They were so exhausted, we couldn't even bake cookies. Early story time with a few extra stories, then bed.

The good news is Joey did his homework perfectly this morning. And he's having his sleepover at Grandma's tonight, so we've been having fun talking about it. And Andy is sleeping in.

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