Thursday, April 09, 2009

Are you Aware? VIII

Navigating the world of special education can be a real challenge. Often we discover we not only need to be teachers, therapists, ad doctors, now we also need to be lawyers, just to protect the rights our children have under law. The shocking ignorance of the law in school administrators and other folks who are supposed to be providing services to our kids creates an atmosphere of stress for all concerned. (We won't even discuss the school personnel who seem to be deliberately attempting to circumvent the law). Folks who don't have to fight for every facet of their child's education and well-being have little idea of what special needs families go through just to get their children basic education!

We can't control administrators. All we can do is educate ourselves, and do our best to be positive, effective advocates for our children. KNow your rights, know the rights of your kids. For a great place to start, check out Wrightslaw.


Sally's World said...

OMG you don't have to tell me, have you seen any of my posts on what we're going through with Deion, its ridiculous...things people take for granted...integration is a fantasy!

Maddy said...

I think once we understand that they're all constrained by 'the budget' it helps focus a parents attention and skew our efforts in a more productive direction.

Cathy said...

incredibly true. so far Ethan's school has been really good, but you've always got to be prepared.