Monday, April 06, 2009

Finding a Good Book

Since Joey has begun reading, we were hoping to see him take an actual interest in reading. After all, reading gives us a whole new avenue to get information to him, and he does really well with it. We have bought a plethora of books of all types, a huge range of topics, anything to try to catch his attention. I could open a library, and I don't see that as a bad thing. I figure once his interest gets caught, he might start devouring them like Cookie Monster in a bakery.

But that didn't really happen. We encouraged him to read books, let him pick out the books, but it always seemed a chore. He did have a Blues Clues book he liked to read, but only at bedtime, and it was far below his reading level. We had another bright spot when he brought him Mouse's First Fall from the library, and read it to me. Joy of joys! But when he got his own copy, it was returned to the shelf- and again, it was far below his level. I figured the real excitement for him was the success; he could read these books all alone.

Lately, he has shown interest in Do Unto Otters, a book about manners, and would read that to himself at bedtime. However, he preferred certain pages to the whole book, mostly the one with the word "Snotter." Oh dear.

Then I bought a Pinky Dinky Doo book (Back to School). It is closer to his reading level, though still a little below. He's been loving watching Pinky Dinky Doo, so I thought it might catch his eye.

He's been carrying it around as if it were Bus. He reads it on the couch. He reads it in the car. He reads it in bed.

Folks, I think we have found a winner. And may there be many more to follow.

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