Friday, April 10, 2009

Bring It On! Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday to my little Buddha Buddy!!!

We took the boys out to dinner, just for fun. Joey of course got Mac and Cheese. I also took one of his presents with us, a huge box of crayons! He really liked getting something at the restaurant. Having it be a huge box of crayons was extra bonus. The boys had a really good time, and did a good job staying in their chairs and eating their food. I was very proud of them!

Then it was time to go home and open more presents! Mrs. H sent this awesome Wubsy toy for the bath, and Joey ran right up at bedtime to take his bath and try it out. When you put soap on it, and squeeze it, it makes suds. (It works.) He was also very pleased to get his own clock for his room (part of the stay-in-bed campaign, but he hasn't really figured that out yet), a bubble machine, a ball-dart game, and an electric Uno game.

What was super-cool was that he figured out:
1. he was getting presents
2. they were for him
3. he actually liked opening them, and did it with some speed.

He would open one, look at it for a minute, ask for batteries to be added when appropriate, and then moved on to the next gift. It was incredible. He really wanted to fixate on the clock, but his hands went out and picked up the next package and got going. This is an amazing advancement over Christmas, when he opened one package, saw it was the car he wanted, and for him, Christmas was done. The rest were just chores, requiring the entire day to plow through, more or less.

Then we had cake! Another amazing feat- Joey blew out all the candles, all by himself! Yes, it took three puffs. Who cares? He was excited, he was happy, he blew hem out without any help from Mommy or Daddy. Totally, totally awesome. My baby is getting all growed up!

Joey put on a whistling concert while I cut the cake (that's right- the child whistles... without his front teeth. No, I haven't a clue how he does it. He's just proud and pleased as punch to be doing it.) Then we all had the cake he asked for- one with sprinkles inside and outside, and chocolate frosting. Yum! (We took the blueberry muffin-cupcakes with blue frosting in to school, they were yummy, too.)

Happy birthday, little buddy! May there be many, many more!


kristi said...

YEAH!! Adorable pictures...happy birthday to your little man!

How cool is it that my word verify is wisha...LOL.

Sally's World said...

yay, happy birthday, glad you all had a great day, and that cake looks yummy!

Niksmom said...

Oh, I'm positively *kvelling* here! The interest in the gifts, the candles, the clock, the excitement to take a is shaping up to be a major year, I think.

So gald it was a delightful day! Hugs to the birthday boy! xo

Stimey said...

He looks soooo happy! I remember getting those big boxes of crayons—I loved them! And fantastic about the opening presents. I'm hoping to get there someday with Jack! :)

Casdok said...

Wonderful photos and progress! Yay for Joey!