Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Out Into the World

Well, folks, we emerged from the Snowpocalypse today, little worse for the wear. we were not amused to find our town sucks at clearing roads, while just across the bridge, the arteries are clear and beautiful. We had speech this morning at 9; I left plenty of time, and we did so well, we got to stop and have Second Breakfast before the appointment.

Then, since were out of my driveway and actually in the world, we decided to kick butt and take names with errands.

We did some stuff for my mom at her office. We got folks paid who needed to be paid. We got the holiday cards in the mail (will yours reach you by Christmas? No idea. But Merry Christmas anyway. I feel fortunate I got to write them at all this year). We picked up a few things at the grocery. I even took the boys to lunch!

And what a lunch it was! It is our favorite little place to take the boys, so we had a lovely time. The boys actually got up, got plates, served themselves food, and sat down. By themselves. Without any peeps for help from a mom. It was kinda weird, actually. And when they wanted more food? They got up and got it.

My babies are all growed up.

After such success, we went home and made snowmen and watched movies and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate and stuff. because that's what you do when it's day 3 of the Snowpocalypse: you just sit back and enjoy the snow.


Club 166 said...

Blame it all on global warming.

We're not getting cards out at all this year. You done good.


Joeymom said...

I do recommend ecards. We love Jacquie Lawson cards- very pretty, sent in an instant, and inexpensive (about the price of a box of cards for a year's subscription; for a box of fancy cards, 2 years).