Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Awards Day

Today is awards day at school! Joey is getting a math award this morning! We know because the school tells us with a little note when your kid is getting something so you can show up and take pictures.

Now folks, I am a great believer in awards and that not everybody should get one. An award is recognition of outstanding achievement, special effort, and serious work. If everybody gets an award, they lose their value.

Joey earns his awards, just like everybody else. When he gets the math award, its because he's done the same work and performed at the outstanding level like everybody else who gets it.

Andy, as far as I know, is not getting an award today. I have no note. I am going anyway. He may not be getting an award from the school, but if there is any little guy who has earned one, it's Andy. He has had a brilliant year of school. He's managed to stay in there all year, not one trip to Ms. T. He's made friends and been a good friend. He's gotten through the year being able to do his work, participate in his class, and enjoy his year. For my little guy, whose ADHD has gone mostly unrecognized by his school, this is huge. Absolutely stunning.

So I'm going in to cheer for both my little dudes. They've done fabulous. They are both my heros.

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Niksmom said...

Congratulations to Joey for the math award, to Andy for an AWESOME year, and to YOU for being such a great mom, advocate, teacher, cheerleader...and creating an environment where your boys can flourish, learn and grow in so many wonderful ways.

I don't often tell you how much I enjoy reading about the things you do with the boys; I do! :-)